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pHionics STs pH Sensor


The pHionics STs pH sensor is a submersible, water quality transmitter featuring an integrated preamp and an isolated 'true 2-wire', 4-20 ma transmitter. Compatible with Onset HOBO RX3000 weather stations, the STs pH sensor provides independent channels to simultaneously transmit a pH and temperature signal -- two wires for pH and two wires for temperature. The compact design makes the rugged sensor/transmitter ideal for applications such as process control, data acquisition, wastewater treatment, and groundwater monitoring.



  • Isolated outputs on all pHionics transmitters  
  • No ground-loops -- will operate in tough process applications
  • 0-50 Celsius temperature channel on all transmitters
  • A temperature transmitter at no additional cost
  • True 2-wire' 4-20 ma output
  • No third wire required -- which can result in damage due to improper wiring
  • Reversible input protection and correction
  • Transmitter cannot be wired incorrectly – will work even if wires are reversed – preventing damage to transmitter
  • Small, 3/4" (19mm) diameter
  • Ideal for submersion in wells, and lower mounting costs, at higher pressures
  • Automatic temperature compensation of pH
  • Corrects for Nernstian temperature changes from isopotential point
  • Sensor (electrode) life of three years in typical applications
  • Resulting in a low cost of ownership (approx $6/mo)
  • Insertion (in-line) or submersion capability
  • Insertion (in-line) or submersion capability
  • Patented, field replaceable sensors and cables
  • The entire transmitter does not have to be scrapped, if only one or two components are damaged
  • KevlarTM (DuPont) reinforced, shielded, water-blocked, polyurethane jacketed cable -- standard
  • Added pull strength, low noise, and limited water damage due to compromised cable or transmitter -- not simply 'marine grade'
  • Optional titanium housing and FEP jacketed cables
  • For the extremely difficult applications
  • Double o-ring sealsProvide exceptional sealing for reliability on cable and sensor seals
  • No potting -- Fully engineered transmitter with rebuildable components -- no potting required to conceal poor design
  • No premature failures due to poor sealing and curing of potting compounds – plus allows for the capability of easily replacing the cable, housing, or electronics – or simply exchanging the cable for a different length. Reduced weight.