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Rotary Evaporator YAMATO RE301A-W


About Rotary Evaporator YAMATO RE301A-W

Rotary Evaporator YAMATO RE301A-W,Rotary Evaporator YAMATO RE301B-W,Rotary Evaporator YAMATO RE301C-W



1.Motorized lift standard for all models 2.Digital settings and display in Japanese or English

Yamato Rotary Evaporators, models RE301/601/801, are easily raised or lowered by simple operation of switch. Model RE801, can be pre-set, so that when operation of the rotary evaporator ceases, unit will be raised.

The evaporator's motor speed(rpm), vacuum(degrees) and vapor temperature can be digitally set and displayed. Experimental conditions and steps during a reaction can be saved and repeated in future. Display language can be chose either Japanese or English.(Only the rpm of the motor can be digitally displayed in model RE301.)
3.Space-saving design 4.Movable rotary joint

The rotary evaporator is compact, which can be neatly installed in a fume hood. Despite its depth of 400 mm, the vertical condenser (Glassware B/C) does not take up space.

The rotary joint's locking position feature is adjustable within 80 mm; especially useful when using varying capacity evaporating flasks or when there is a need to shift the vacuum seal's contact position. (Patent No. 3220033)
5.Quick release of evaporating flask 6.Newly designed glass components
(Guard against liquid stagnation)

The evaporating flask can be released easily and quickly by just turning the flask release nut.vertical condenser (Glassware B/C) does not take up space.

quickly by just turning the flask release nut. Vertical condenser(Glassware B&C) function to prevent liquid from stagnating. (patent pending) New condenser tubes (type A&B) designed to increase rapidity of cooling capacity.(Surface area is 20% larger than previous model.)
7.Water bath (oil bath) 8.Voltage-sensing power pack

Original removable bath enables easy cleaning and replacing of the water(oil). The digital temperature indicator is designed for easy setting and reading. The most suitable bath is selectable from model BM Water Bath or Model BO Oil Bath in accordance with working temperatures of the experiment.

The rotary evaporator (including the water bath, oil bath and some optional accessories) works with a power supply of 100-240V AC. For use overseas, please choose a plug according to shape of socket your abode among configuration of power plugs(and cord) as an option herein.
9.Hose joints 10.Others

Resin-made hose joints are used for easy connection of cooling water and vacuum hoses to their corresponding glass ports.

*Vacuum seal
The fluoro-rubber vacuum seal with its multistage configuration is designed to maintain the stability of reduced pressures. Pure Teflon vacuum seal is also available as an option for evaporation of ether-based and ketone-based liquids.。

*Carefully designed safety measures
The evaporator can detect any malfunctions in the driving mechanisms in the rotary section and the lifting device, and will automatically stop to ensure safety. It can also automatically detect abnormal temperatures in the water bath and oil bath and will stop the operation of the evaporator(only for models RE601/801).

*Stable rotation at low and high speeds
Together with the digital setting and display, the rotary evaporator maintains a stable rotation by using the feedback control feature. This ensures precise reproducibility of experiments.


Specification :

Composition Motor DC brushless motor (for rotation) and Rod Actuator (for lifting)
and features
Rotation speed 20 - 250 r/min (rpm)
Lift stroke 130mm
Speed (rpm) setting Control knob (digital indication)
Safety measures (main unit) Manual-setting lower limit, upper limit, motor overload
Lifting feature Rod Actuating
Specifications External 
dimension *1
With Glassware A (mm) 828(W)× 400(D)×586(H) (716 when raised) mm
With Glassware B/C (mm) 643(W)× 400(D)×727(H) (857 when raised) mm
Weight Approx. 14.1kg(excluding the glassware and the water/oil bath)
Power supply Main unit 100 - 240V AC, 1.5A(excluding the water/oil bath)