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Economical Incubator IC 402


Best-selling incubator for long years, various capacity


Features of Economical Incubator (Natural Convection) (IC402)


- Air Jacket and Natural Convection
Air Jacket enables the excellent temperature uniformity

- Feature
Inner observation glass window can avoid rapid temperature changing inside the chamber even the external door is being opend

- Feature
Equipped with Self Diagnostic Function, Key-lock Function and Short-circuit Breaker

- Feature
Stackable (2 units) with Stacking Support (Option for the model IC412C/612C)

- Feature
Equipped with Self Diagnostic Function, Key-lock Function and Short-circuit Breaker




Item Code 211195
Model IC402
Type Air Jacket Type, Natural Convection
Temperature Range Room Temp. +5~80℃
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy ±0.5℃ at 37℃
Temp. Distribution Accuracy ±1.0℃ at 37℃
Interior Stainless Steel
Exterior Cold Rolled Steel Plate with Chemical-resistant Coating
Insulation Material Glass Fiber
Heater Nichrome Wire Heater
Exhaust Port 30mm ID x 2 (on the top)
Inner Glass Winder Reinforced Glass 5mm t
Temp. Control Method PID
Temp. Setting Method Digital Setting by ▼▲ Key
Temp. Display Measuring Temp.: Green 4 digit LED Digital Display / Setting Temp.: Red 4 digit Digital Display
Timer 1 to 99hrs 59min. and 100 to 999.5hrs (with Timer Wait Function)
Time Division of Timer 1min. or 10min.
Operating Function Fixed Temp., Quick Auto-stop Operation, Auto-stop Operation, Auto-start Operation
Additional Function Key-lock Function, Blackout Recovery Function
Sensor Temp. Control: Pt. Thermal Resistance Pt100Ω, K-Thermcouple: Overheat Preventor
Safety Device Self Diagnostic Function(Automatic Overheat Prevention, Abnormal Temp. Sensor, Heater Disconnection, SSR Short Circuit, Overheat Preventor, Overcurrent ELB, Key-lock Function
Shelf Loading Capacity Approx. 15kg/shelf
Shelf Step/Pitch Max. 9 steps / 30mm
Shelf/ Support 2 shelves/ 4 supports
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 450×480×450mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 560×606×820mm
Remarks(dimensions) 97L
Remarks(weight) AC115/220V
Single phase
Weight 45kg