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Incubator Binder BF 115


The BINDER BF 115 Incubator Heating Oven with Fan Circulation is one of the Binder Avantgarde.line upgaded heating ovens and is fitted with the NEW controller with an LCD display that provides an easier setting of the temperature and improved performance. The Binder BF 115 Incubator Heating Oven with Fan Circulation is suitable for all gentle incubation applications, particularly under a full load and large batch throughputs, this incubator is extremely homogeneous and has quick recovery times.


Important characteristics

  • Temperature range: ambient temperature plus 8 °C to 100 °C
  • High temperature accuracy thanks to APT.line™ technology
  • Forced convection
  • Controller with LCD display
  • Electromechanical control of the exhaust air flap
  • Inner door made of tempered safety glass
  • 2 chrome-plated racks
  • Stackable
  • Class 3.1 integrated independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • USB port for recording data