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Eutech 150 & 450 Series Accessories



| Grip-Clip™ | Use this innovative electrode accessory to save time while preventing electrode damage. Designed for use with a 3 mm ATC electrode, 12 mm pH electrode, and a 16 mm conductivity or DO electrode. Attach the Grip-Clip™ to your instrument when not in use or for single-handed measurement.

It secures to most beakers without the need for a separate electrode arm. Keeps electrode(s) suspended during use, away from dangerous stir bars and out of harm’s way. Easy-access opening allows for electrode replacement without removal of the electrode storage bottle.

Allows for quick height adjustment of your electrode(s) to suit your sample container and individual preference. Don’t break another electrode bulb or waste time with clumsy holders – use the Grip-Clip™!


| RS232 Thermal Printer | The convenience of printing directly from your meter whenever, wherever!

This compact thermal printer connects easily to your 450 series waterproof handheld meters via RS232 – ideal for data-recording and report-generation. Connecting cables included.


Order Code Part No. Description
60X426401 60X426401 Optional 100 / 240 VAC SMPS power adapter, 9 V, 6 W
GRIPCLIP GRIPCLIP Grip-Clip™ ; includes separate electrode holder and beaker clip
56X259306  56X259306 Hard carry case
MINIPHONEUSB  MINIPHONEUSB USB cable for 450 series, mini phone plug to USB
30X427301  30X427301 RS232 cable for 450 series, mini phone plug to RS232 9-pin (F)
ECPHBUFKITC 01X639001 pH buffer set, pH 4 (red), 7 (yellow), 10 (blue), 480 ml each
ECPHBUFKIT 01X638901 Colorless pH buffer set, pH 4, 7 and 10 (480 mL each)
ECCON84BT 01X211241 84 S conductivity standard, 480 mL
ECCON1413BT 01X211207 1413 S conductivity standard, 480 mL
ECCON1288BT 01X211210 12.88 mS conductivity standard, 480 mL
ECCON1118BT 01X211244 111.8 mS conductivity standard, 480 mL
01X594301 01X594301

Thermal printer, includes 100-240 V power supply with plug adapters for UK, US, EU

and Australia. Includes 01X594101 cable, 30X427301 cable, null modem adapter, and roll of paper

01X594401 01X594401 Replacement paper for thermal printer, two rolls