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Autoclave Yamato SN310


Autoclave Yamato SN310,Autoclave Yamato SN210,Autoclave Yamato SN510


1.Featured by high performance and easy operation

  • By simple setting and operation, the autoclave manages ordinary sterilization, sterilization of culture mediums and liquids, and melting of culture mediums
  • In addition to default sterilization programs, custom-programmed ones can be saved for repeated use.
 2. Cooling fan as standard equipment
  • To minimize cooling time, a cooling fan is provided for all models as standard equipment.
 3. Prepared for GLP/GMP inspections

  • Two sensor ports are provided as standard on the chamber.

  • Recorders and high-performance pressure gauges are available as optional accessories.
 4. An optional sample temperature sensor can start sterilization automatically
  • With the optional mounted sample temperature sensor, you can precisely maintain a desired temperature for the samples to ensure thorough sterilization.
 5. Front loading drain bottle
  • The drain bottle holder is provided behind the front panel for easy to check the drain water level.
 6. Basic safety measures
  • Steam cup
  • Lid's interlock mechanism
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Alarm against the absence of a drain bottle
  • Leakage breaker
  • During any malfunction, the autoclave will automatically shutdown with the alarm buzzer sounding and an error message being displayed.
 7. Easy to discharge sterilizing water
  • A large-diameter drainpipe is provided for easier maintenance.
 8. Voltage-sensing power unit
  • With a voltage-sensing power unit mounted as standard equipment, the autoclave can be chosen from any power supplies of 100-120V AC or 200-240V AC(single phase). You no longer have to worry about overseas voltage settings.
 9. Automatic saving of error history
  • Up to 20 errors can be saved to memory.


Product code241054241055241056241057/ 999999
System Automatic high-pressure steam sterilization system for laboratory use *2
Range of working temperatures 45-135deg.C: 45-60deg.C for preheating, 40-60deg.C for keep worm, 65-100deg.C for melting, 105-135deg.C for sterilization
Max. working pressure 0.255MPa
Ambient temperature 5 - 35deg.C
Lid Manual upward opening with an interlock for safety
Main unit Heater 100V, 1.2kW (600W 2 units) 100V, 1.6kW (800W 2 units) 100V, 1.9kW (950W 2 units) 100V, 2kW (1000W 2 units)
Exhaust valve An exhaust valve and a slow release valve
Connection ports for optional accessories 1/4" female thread for, sample temp. sensor, chamber temp. sensor, and pressure sensor (branching from the solenoid valve tubing) Total: 3 ports
Cooling fan Axial fan motor
Controller Temperature setting, control and display PID control by microprocessor, digital setting (by UP/DOWN keys) and display
Timer and its resolution 0 or 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes in increments/decrements of 1 minute
Operation mode Instrument sterilization course, liquid sterilization course, sterilization and keep/warm course, melting and keep/warm course, customer-programmed course
Other features Key locking, presetting, saving, preheating, forced cooling, sample temperature sensor (option), memory locking, saving the history of up to 20 errors, indication of accumulated working hours, indication of present time, on-off beeping setting
Safety measures Sensor malfunctioning, SSR short-circuit, broken heater wire, prevention of idle heating (liquid expansion type), alarm against the absence of a drain bottle, failure in locking the cover, memory malfunctioning, pressure relief valve (0.255 MPa)
Classification of pressure vessel Small pressure vessel (installation report to authorities is not required)
Specifications External dimensions(mm) 400(W)× 530(D)× 848(H) 460(W)× 590(D)× 848(H) 460(W)× 590(D)× 1,058(H) 520(W)× 660(D)× 876(H)
Effective internal dimensions (mm) 240I.D.×445D 300I.D.×445D 300I.D.×665D 370I.D.×410D(SQ510),
Effective Capacity 20L 32L 47L 47.5L(SQ510)/80L(SQ810)
Weight Approx. 65 kg Approx. 75 kg Approx. 85 kg Approx. 95 kg (SQ510)
Approx. 105 kg (SQ810)
Power supply AC200–240V, 6.5A- 7.5A AC200–240V, 8.5A- 10A AC200–240V, 
10A- 12A
10.5A-12.5A(SQ510, SQ810)
Accessories Stainless Basket (mesh type)
OSM-60 (205mm dia. × 204mmD) × 2 for SN200/210, OSM-70 (262mm dia. × 204mmD) × 2 for SN300/310, OSM-70(262mm dia. × 204mmD) × 3 for SN500/510 OSQ-90(332mm dia. × 195.5mmD) × 2 for SQ500/510, OSQ-90 (332mm dia. × 195.5mmD) × 3 for SQ810
Steam cup × 1, drain bottle × 1, Drain board × 1, Chemical indicator × 1 set (30 pieces)

Power plug is not provided.

*1 Abbreviation (J) is Operation panel board in Japanese and (E) is in English.
*2 The autoclaves are not for medical use.
*3 External dimensions exclude protrusions.


Optional accessories
Product codeDescriptionModelCorresponding models 
241087 Basket (mesh type) OSM-60 For SM/SN/SP210  
241088 OSM-70 For SM/SN310/510/SP310 *1
241089 OSM-80 For SM/SN/SP510 *1
241099 OSQ-90 For SQ500 and SQ810  
241093 Basket (mesh type) with stacking fitting OSQ-30 For SM/SN/SP210, with two fittings/set *1
241092 OSQ-40 For SM/SN/SP310, with two fittings/set *1
241091 OSQ-50 For SM/SN/SP510, with three fittings/set *1
241090 OSR-40 For SQ510 and SQ810 with two fittings/set  
241096 Basket (mesh type) with a mesh shelf OSQ-60 For SM/SN/SP210, with 1 mesh shelf *1
241095 OSQ-70 For SM/SN/SP310, with 1 mesh shelf *1
241094 OSQ-80 For SM/SN/SP510, with 2 mesh shelves *1
241097 OSR-50 For SQ510, with 1 mesh shelf  
241083 Stainless solid basket OSR-10 For SM/SN/SP210 *1
241084 OSR-20 For SM/SN/SP310/510 *1
241098 OSR-60 For SQ510 and SQ810  
241150 Stainless bucket OSN10 For SM/SN/SP210  
241151 OSN12 For SM/SN/SP310/510  
241152 OSN14 For SQ510 and SQ810  
241153 Chamber temperature sensor OSR-70 For SN/SQ, Type T thermocouple, 3 pieces/set  
241154 Sample temperature sensor OSN16 For SN/SQ, Type T thermocouple, 1 piece  
241155 Pressure gauge OSN18 For SN/SQ, external installation  
241156 Recorder RM10C 6-point type, temp. and pressure recording external installation  
241157 External alarm output terminal OSN20 For SN/SQ  
241158 Temperature output terminal OSN22 For SN/SQ, 4 - 20 mA  
241159 Time-up output terminal OSN24 For SN/SQ, relay, contact output  

*1: Can be also used with conventional models SM200/300/500/510 and SP200/300/500/510.

In addition to absorbent gauzes, laboratory garments and culturing instruments, a wide selection of basket and containers for laboratory waste are available.

Stainless bucket