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HOMOGENIZER - "heavy duty"



  • Offers right solution for dispensing, homogenizing,and mixing of samples in larger volumes.
  • High torque motor with a variable speed adjustment enables rapid and effective disruption of a wide range of samples
  • Flexible configuration of different rotors and stators enables the homogenisator adaptive to most applications.,
  • Can rapidly homogenize  samples in 10  ml to 40.000 ml of liquid depending on the rotor/stator type.
  • During operation, the sample is drawn into the core of the homogenizer . The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow slits in the probe where it is rapidly disintegrated by high shear power.
  • Maximum speed of 30.000 rpm rate reduces processing time significantly.
  • Complete homogenization of samples is usually achieved in a few seconds. Reliable results are assured with extremely high presicion.
  • Smooth motor drive makes working very safe and comfortable. Smooth acceleration also prevents unnecessary spills.
  • An overload protection feature increases the life span of the motor.
  • Shafts , rotors and stators  are constructed of quality 316 stainless steel which is inert to agressive solutions


Catalogue no 621.12.001
dimensions/weight (mm/kg) 70x70x255/1,3
motor type carbon brush motor
power(w) 500
voltage(v) 220
frequency(Hz) 50
working volume (ml) 10 - 5000 with shaft 621.12.905
working volume (ml) 100 - 8000 with shaft 621.12.908
speed range(rpm) 10000-30000
speed control 6 stage
max. circum. Speed (m/sec) 22,7-36
max. viscosity(mPas) 10000
overload protection yes
protection class IP 20
permissible ambient Temperature('C) 0-40
permissible relative humudity(%) 85
nois level(dB) <720
optional accessories stand & bosshead & varoius shaft