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  • Highly reliable design for stirring low to relatively viscous media with a vibration free and silent operation.
  • Maintenance free, silent and explotion proof  DC motor offers a stirring volume upto 40 L with a smooth start without sample overflow and a quick stop.
  • Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbs and emits the heat generated by the motor.
  • Electronic speed control with an accuracy +/- 3 rpm from 50 to 2200 rpm provides a gentle revolution and precise stirring speed even at high temperatures.
  • Large LCD panel for simultaneous display for set & actual speed.
  • Overload safety feature automatically stops the operation and protects all mechanical and electronic components.
  • Stirring shafts can be easily inserted to their position by “push through” system.


Catalogue no 615.02.002
dimensions/weight (mm/kg) 83x220x186/2,8
motor type brushless DC motor
power(w) 130
voltage(v) 220
motor rating output (w) 100
frequency(Hz) 50
max. stirring capacity(L) 40
speed range(rpm) 50 - 2200
speed display LCD
speed display resoution (rpm) +/- 1
max. torque(Ncm) 60
max. viscosity(mPas) 50000
overload protection yes
motor protection yes
chuck range diameter(mm) 0,5 - 10
permissible ambient Temperature('C) 5-40
permissible relative humudity(%) 80
remote Cont.(RS232) Interface N/A
optional accessories stirrers & stand & bosshead