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electrical pipette pump adjustable nozzle



  • Adjustable nozzle pipette pump combines a powerful motor with a lightweight, ergonomic design; a reflection of our commitment to the comfort of the end user.
  • Features such as textured grip, hand-neutral design for right- and left-handed users, concave triggers, and convenient controls ensure the filler to perform many hours of stress-free filling and dispensing.
  • Filling and dispensing speed is easily set with a single switch. Force liquid out of your pipette by setting the unit to low- or high-speed blow-out mode, or flip to gravity mode for use with "to contain" pipettes and dispense liquid without the motor.
  • Filler works with glass and plastic pipettes of various volumes from 1 to 100 ml. The filter in the polypropylene nozzle prevents contamination.
  • A red battery indicator warns when the batteries need to be recharged. Filler can be recharged while in use, or while resting in either the dual-position desktop or magnetic wall-mountable holder (both included).
  • Pipette pump contains two additional 0.45 urn filters.