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Mikroskop | Stereo Zoom Microscope GSZ 2


Mikroskop stereo merupakan jenis mikroskop yang hanya bisa digunakan untuk benda yang berukuran relatif besar. mikroskop stereo mempunyai perbesaran 7 hingga 30 kali. Benda yang diamati dengan mikroskop ini dapat terlihat secara tiga dimensi. Komponen utama mikroskop stereo hampir sama dengan mikroskop cahaya. Lensa terdiri atas lensa okuler dan lensa obyektif.


The GSZ 2 is a further development of the tried and tested stereo zoom microscope GSZ. It is a Greenough device - in other words, it has two objectives, mounted together as a pair, with an 11? angle between them. They stand out in terms of their high optical performance, for example large, even fields of vision, without color distortion.

The GSZ is multiple-purpose microscope, which, because of its upright, true-to-side images and stereoscopic observation capability, is suited for all users, who wish to observe their object in three dimensions, by low magnifications or to work under the microscope.



Therefore it is suited for installation and quality-control work in industry, for specimen work in research or teaching or other areas, as well as for hobbyists.


Zoom factor 5 : 1
Magnification 2,5 x 200x
Object field 63 x 1,25 mm
Working distance 132 x 26,5 mm
Interpupillary distance 55 x 80 mm
Adjustment ametropia +/- 6 dpt
Weight 6,4 kg
Dimension (Width x Depth x High 320 x 320 x 340 mm
Eyepiece (Ocular) 10x/20, adjustable